1. We would be grateful if you could...      如果你可以......,我們會很感激。

2. I would appreciate it if you could...        如果你可以......,我會很感激。

3. Your prompt attention to this matter will be appreciated.    你若能立即注意此事,我們將非常感激。

4.  I would really appreciate meeting up if you can spare the time. Please let me know what suits you best.      如果你能空出時間,我希望能與你見面。請讓我知道最適合你的時間。 

5. Please give us your preliminary thoughts about this.      請讓我知道你對這件事的初步想法。

6. Could you let me know the status of this project?     你能不能讓我知道這個專案的進度?

7. If possible, I hope to receive a copy of your proposal when it is finished.       如果可以,當你完成企劃書時,我希望能收到一本副本。

8. May I have your reply by April 1, if possible?       如果可以的話,能否在四月一日前收到你的回覆?      

9. Hope this is OK with you. If not, let me know by email ASAP.       希望這對你沒有問題。如果不行,請透過電子郵件盡快讓我知道。

10. Coule you please send me your replies to the above questions by the end of June?      可否請你在六月底前回覆我上述問題?




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