Why Do You Want This Job?

  • This is exactly the kind of experience I'm looking for, and the part-time hours will work well with my schedule.
  • I'm looking for a part-position, like this one, so I can earn some money to cover my expenses while I'm attending school.
  • I'm looking for a job with flexible hours, and with my experience I have a lot to bring to your company.
  • I enjoy working with the public and I like interacting with customers.
  • I want this job because I need it. I want to improve my skills and learn many things as early as possible
  • I would like this job because, I have a broad experiences in Customer Service, this job would increase my knowledge on a different level and would add stability and growth to my character.
  • I believe this job will build my confidence and improve my skills. It seem like a great job. I would love to grow with this company.
  • The first time I was asked I was afraid to answer, but I try and do my best.
  • This is my dream to work in the bank so that I can use my experience and knowledge in a positive way.
  • I believe this job will build my confidence and improve my teamwork skills
  • I'm eager to work harder. To gain and improve my abilities as a human being. I' m willing to undergo training if the company needs it.
  • This is one of the jobs where I can justify my knowledge, capabilities and I understand that your company is secured for efficient and work minded employees.
  • To improve my capacities and to gain more skills on the computer and counting.
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