Why Should We Hire You?

  • I have top-notch administrative skills and I believe I'd be an asset for the office.
  • I have the experience that this job requires, and the flexibility to fill in when needed.
  • I enjoy working with people, and would welcome the opportunity to be a part of your team.


Why Are You The Best Person For The Job?

  • My education and life experience have prepared me to take on the challenges of this position.
  • My previous job working as receptionist provided me with the ideal experience for this position.
  • My skill set is a perfect match for the job requirements.
  • I have the ability to find my niche within a group and support everyone's efforts.
  • I'm interested in this job because this opportunity allowed me to use my skills and experience to the best of my ability. 
  • I like this job because it uses both skills and experience needed for this job and the opportunity to use my skills and experience.

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