Attached is our company profile for your reference. 請見附檔公司資料


1. Please see attached file as our for your reference.

2. Attached our XXXX for your reference.

3. The attahcement as our XXXX for your record.

4. Hereby attachment as our XXXX for your first consideration.

5. Herewith our XXX for your best choice.

6. Enclosed our XXX for your reference.


7.Attached is offer inquiry.




I am enclosing (our report)

I am attaching details of...

I am attaching (our report) to this message.

I have just received (the photographs), which I have attached to this message.

If you have any problems opening the file, please let me know.

I have pleasure in attaching...

I attach some information which I hope you find useful.

I attach our price list and look forward to hearing from you.

Please find enclosed 

Enclosed is our new quotation

Enclosed you will find

Please see attached file is the~

Please refer to the attachment.

The attached file is for your approval. (附件檔是做為貴公司核准用)

Attached files are~ (二個附檔時 file+s, 單數is -> 複數are)

Attached is our latest catalogue. (附件是我們最新的目錄)

I am attaching our project report for your information. (附加我方的專案報告書以供參考)


I have attached a photo for you to refer.

For further information, please refer to the attachment. .

Please refer to the attached agenda for your reference.

I also attached the list of the work sheets for you to refer

Please refer the invoice as attachment



1. I'm enclosing......    我隨信附上......

2. Please find enclosed......     請查閱附件......

3. Attached please find the most up-to-date information on/regarding/concerning......      信附上關於XX的最新資料......

4. Attached please find the draft product plan for your review and comment.      隨信附上產品計劃書的草稿,請檢閱並評論。


1.         I am attaching our catalog to this message. Please contact me if you like more information

2.         Please find attached our report.  I look forward to hearing your comments.

3.         I have just received the photographs, which I have attached to this message.
   Please can you select the photographs you would like in the newsletter?

4.         If you have any problems opening the file, Please let me know.



have problems with attachments

1.         Thank you for your email. I am afraid you forgot to attach the report. Could you send your message again, please?

2.         Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the attachment won’t open on my computer. Could you send it again in different format?

3.         Sorry! I forgot to send the attachment.

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