As it is now more than two months since we opened a letter of credit in your favor

If you could let us know exactly when the goods will arrive

We have passed all business on to XX Company who will contact you shortly

We would also be grateful if with your quotation you could send us details

It was pleasure to have dinner with you while I was in XXX

I am sure that we can come to some worthwhile agreements

I am sending separately a brochure that gives all the important details

Please give my regards to Peter

I’ll be in touch with details of ….. I mentioned

I have pleasure in closing our brochure

You can contact me directly on 020020102110(phone number)


It was a please to hear your views on our new products

It was good to meet you at the trade fair

It was a pity that we did not have more time to talk at/on

I am sorry that I missed you when you visited my office


I thought you might be interested to hear about a new service that we have just introduced

I wondered if you could help me

I was wondering if you could recommend any agents to me


I was afraid  (that )









Office space

Property agent

Delay in shipping this order

Unforeseen circumstance

On the above order

Without delay

In particular

The name of the ship

The departure date from XXX

The expected arrival date

The expected delivery time

No longer operating

Annual event



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