payment terms 交易條件


1.  T/T in advance

2.  prepayment

3. T/T before shipment

4. 50% T/T in advance, 50% T/T before shipment

5. 60 days net from date of invoice


付款(Payment Terms)常用詞中英文對照  文章出處:


﹛﹛Accepting Bank 承兌行


Advice of Clean Bill for Collection 光票托收委托書

Advising Bank 通知行

Anticipatory L/C 預支信用証

At sight 即期,見票即付

At﹛days (month)after sight 付款人見票后若干天(月)付款

At﹛days after B/L 提單簽發后若干天付款

At﹛days after date 出票后若干天付款

At﹛days sight 付款人見票后若干天即付款

Authority to Purchase (A/P) 委托購買証

Back to Back L/C 背對背信用証

Bank Guarantee 銀行保函

Banker's Acceptance L/C 銀行承兌信用証

Banker's Bill 商業匯票

Banker's Bill 銀行匯票

Bankers' Acceptance Bill 銀行承兌匯票

Buyer's Bank 買方銀行

Buyer's Usance L/C 買方遠期信用証

Cash Against Documents (C.A.D) 憑單付現

Cash Against Payment 憑單付款

Cash On Delivery (C.O.D) 交貨付現

Cash With Order (C.W.O) 隨訂單付現

Certified Invoice 証明發票

Collection Advice 托收委托書

Collection Bill Purchased 托收出口押匯

Commercial Acceptance Bill 商業承兌匯票

Commercial Bill 商業匯票

Confirmed Irrevocable L/C 保兌的不可撤消信用証

Confirmed L/C 保兌的信用証

Confirming Bank 保兌行

Consignment Invoice 寄售發票

Contract Guarantee 合約保函

Countervailing credit (俗稱)子証

Credit payable by a bank 銀行付款信用証

Credit payable by a trader 商業付款信用証

Credit with T/T Reimbursement Clause 帶有電報索匯條款的信用証

Date of issue 開証日期

Demand Draft (D/D) 票匯

Documentary Bill for Collection 跟單托收

Documents against Acceptance (D/A) 承兌交單

Documents against Payment (D/P) 付款交單

Documents against Payment after Sight (D/P sight) 遠期付款交單

Documents against Payment at Sight (D/P sight) 即期付款交單

Documents of title to the goods 物權憑証

Drawee Bank 付款行

Expiry Date 效期

Exporter's Bank 出口方銀行

General Letter of Hypothecation 總質押書

I.C.C. Publication No.400 第400號出版物

Import Guarantee 進口保証書

Importer's Bank 進口方銀行

Irrevocable L/C 不可撤消的信用証

Irrevocable Unconfirmed L/C 不可撤消不保兌的信用証

Issuing Bank 開証行

L/C amount 信用証金額

L/C number 信用証號碼

Letter of Credit (L/C) 信用証

Letter of Guarantee (L/G) 保証書

Letter of Hypothecation 質押書

Letter of Indication 印鑒核對卡

Mail transfer (M/T) 信匯

Manufacturers' Invoice 厂商發票

Negotiating Bank 議付行

Notifying Bank 通知行

Opening Bank 開証行

Opening Bank' Name & Signature 開証行名稱及簽字

Overriding credit 母証

Paying Bank 付款行,匯入行

Payment Guarantee 付款保証書

Performance Guarantee 履約保証書

Performer Invoice 形式發票

Presenting Bank 提示行

Promisory Note 本票

Recipe Invoice 收妥發票

Reciprocal L/C 對開信用証

Red Clause L/C 紅條款信用証

Remitting Bank 匯出行

Repayment Guarantee 還款保証書

Retention Money Guarantee 保留金保証書

Revocable L/C 可撤消的信用証

Revolving L/C 循環信用証

Sample Invoice 樣品發票

Seller's Bank 賣方銀行

Sight Bill 即期匯票

Sight L/C 即期信用証

Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) 電匯

Tender/Bid Guarantee 投標保証書

Terms of validity 信用証效期

Time Bill 遠期匯票

Trade Acceptance L/C 商業承兌信用証

Transferable L/C 可轉讓信用証

Transmitting Bank 轉遞行

Traveler's L/C 旅行信用証

Trust Receipt 信托收据

Unconfirmed L/C 不 保兌的信用証

Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits 跟單信用証統一慣例

Uniform Rules for Collection ﹛托收統一規則﹛

Untransferable L/C 不可轉讓信用証

Usance Bill 遠期匯票

Usance L/C 遠期信用証

acceptor 承兌人

bailee 受托人,代保管人

bearer 來人

beneficiary 受益人

cheque 支票

clean Bill for Collection 光票托收

clean bill 光票

clean payment 單純支付

collection 托收

commodity 產品

consignee 受托人

consignor 委托人

consingnee 受托人

convenient 方便的

copy 副本

dealing 交易,生意

decline 下降,下跌

deferred payment 延期付款

destination 目的地

discount 貼現

discount 貼現

dishonour 拒付

documentary bill 跟單匯票

draft 匯票

drawee 付款人

drawer 出票人

endorse 背書

endorsee 被背書人

endorsement 背書

endorser 背書人

fixed L/C or fixed amount L/C 有固定金額的信用証

flexible 靈活的,多變的

form of credit 信用証形式

guarantor 保証人

holder 持票人

invoice 發票

method of reimbursement 索匯方法

original 正本

pay on delivery (P.O.D) 貨到付款

pay order 支付憑証

payer 付款人

payment against documents through collection 憑單托收付款

payment against documents 憑單付款

payment agreement 支付協定

payment at maturity 到期付款

payment by acceptance 承兌付款

payment by banker 銀行支付

payment by bill 憑匯票付款

payment by installment 分期付款

payment by remittance 匯撥支付

payment for (in) cash 現金支付,付現

payment in advance 預付(貨款)

payment in full 全部付訖

payment in kind 實物支付

payment in part 部分付款

payment on terms 定期付款

payment order 付款通知

payment respite 延期付款

payment terms 支付條件,付款方式

payment 支付,付款

pay﹛Co. not negotiable 付﹛公司,不准疏通

pay﹛Co. only 僅付﹛公司

pay﹛Co. or order (pay to the order of﹛Co.) 付﹛公司或其指定人

principal 委托人

progressive payment 分期付款

refusal 拒絕

remittance 匯付

sales-purchasing 促銷,推銷

simple payment 單純支付

something goes wrong 某事上出問題,出現差錯

stage 階段,過程

the bank interest 銀行利息

the mode of payment 付款方式

the refusal of payment 拒付

to amend L/C 修改信用証

to make exception 例外

to open by airmail 信開

to open by brief cable 簡電開証

to open by cable 電開

to pay 付款,支付,償還

trustee 被信托人

truster 信托人

usance credit payment at sight 假遠期信用証

without recourse 不受追索

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