品質( Quality)常用語句中英文對照



﹛﹛The goods are available in different qualities.此貨有多种不同的質量可供﹛


Nothing wrong will happen, so long as the quality of your article is good.


If the quality of your products is satisfactory, we may place regular orders.


If the quality of your initial shipment is found satisfactory, large repeats will follow.


There is no marked qualitative difference between the two.兩者在質量上無顯著差异﹛

We sincerely hope the quality are in conformity with the contract stipulations.


As long as the quality is good, it hardly matters if the price is a little bit higher.


Prices are fixed according to their quality, aren't they?价格按質量的好坏而定,對嗎?

The transferee must see to it that the quality of the product is maintained.


Our Certificate of Quality is made valid by means of the official seal.


We'll improve the quality of our products and production efficiency.


They are fully qualified to pass opinions on the quality of this merchandise.


We would like to have you offer us 100 metric tons, quality same as last.


We find the quality suitable (unsuitable) for our market.


We always have faith in the quality of your products.對你們產品的質量我們總是很信任﹛

This is a quality product.這是一种高質量的產品﹛

Those overcoats are of good quality and nice colour.這批大衣質量高﹛成色好﹛

Our quartz technique is well known in the world, and we believe our watches are of fine quality.


Our price is a little bit higher, but the quality of our products is better.


Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers.


The equipment are of good quality and very useful.這些器械質量好,用處大﹛

Our products are very good in quality, and the price is low.我們的產品質高价低﹛

We have received the goods you send us, the quality is excellent.


We are responsible to replace the defective ones.我們保換質量不合格的產品﹛

It's really something wrong with the quality of this consignment of bicycles.


I regret this quality problem.對質量問題我深表遺憾﹛

We hope that you'll pay more attention to the quality of your goods in the future.


The workings of these machines are inaccurate.這批机器運行不准﹛

Upon arrival, we found the shipment of wool was of poor quality.貨到后,我們發現羊毛的質量較差﹛

The quality of the fertilizer is inferior to that stipulated in the contract.


The quality of this article cannot qualify for first-class.這批商品的質量不夠一等品﹛

If you find the quality of our products unsatisfactory, we're prepared to accept return of the rejected material within a week.


More than 300 watches are not up to standard. 有300多塊手表不合質量標准﹛

We've received the sample which you sent us last Sunday.我們已經收到了上星期天你方寄來的樣品﹛

We've got here our sales samples Type 1. And Type 2.這里是一號和二號樣貨﹛

Our quality is based solely on our sales samples.我們的質量完全以貨樣為准﹛

We sell goods as per the sales sample, not the quality of any previous supplies.


You know we sell our tea according to our samples.你們知道我們是憑銷售貨樣銷售茶葉的﹛

You can see the difference between these grades.你可以看看這些等級的差別﹛

These two grades are very much in demand.這兩种等級(的貨)目前需求甚殷﹛

We are in urgent need of these two grades.我們現在急需這兩种等級的貨﹛

The colour of the shipment is much darker than that of your previous consignment.


No doubt you've received the outturn samples of the inferior quality goods.


I must advise you of the specifications of the goods.我必須通知貨物的規格﹛

Have you received the specifications as shown in our catalog?


The quality is all right, but the style is a bit outdated.質量無問題,只是式樣有點過時﹛

We found the goods didn't agree with the original patterns.


The "Double Fish" brand is not so bad, the design is fresh and vivid.


The new varieties have very vivid designs and beautiful colors.那新產品圖案新穎,色澤鮮艷﹛

We're here to discuss the trade marks of your products.我們來談談貴產品的商標一事﹛

Quality 質量,品質

qualitative 質量的

qualitatively 在質量上

quality clause 品質條款

quality certificate 品質証明書

quality of export and import commodities 進出口商品質量

good merchantable quality 全銷質量

to be in conformity with 与﹛一致

transferer 轉讓者

transferee 受讓者

good quality 好質量

fine quality 优質

better quality 較好質量

high quality 高質量

fair quality 尚好的質量

sound quality 完好的質量

best quality 最好的質量

superior quality 优等的質量

choice quality或selected quality 精選的質量

prime quality 或 tip-top quality 第一流的質量

first-class quality 或 first-rate quality 頭等的質量

above the average quality 一般水平以上的質量

below the average quality 一般水平以下的質量

common quality 一般質量

standard quality 標准質量

usual quality 通常的質量

popular quality 大眾化的質量

uniform quality 一律的質量

average quality 平均質量

fair average quality (f.a.q.) 大路貨

bad quality 劣質

low quality 低質量

inferior quality 次質量

to be responsible for 對﹛負責

inaccurate 不精确的

poor quality 質量較差

to be inferior to 次于﹛

first-class 一等品

unsatisfactory 不滿意的

sample 樣品

counter sample 對等樣品

sampling 抽樣

pattern sample 型式樣品

duplicate sample 复樣

colour sample 色彩樣品

subject to the counter sample 以對等樣品為准

sample for reference 參考樣品

sales by sample 憑樣品買賣

grade 等級

standard 標准

specification 規格

trade mark 商標

brand 牌名

colour 色彩

design 圖案

catalogue 目錄

particulars 細節

Sales by Description 憑說明書買賣

Sales by Trade Mark of Brand 憑商標和牌名買賣

quality as per seller's sample 憑賣方樣品質量交貨

quality as per buyer's sample 憑買方樣品質量交貨

quality landed 卸岸品質

quality shipped 裝船品質

quality control 質量管理

Sales by Specification, Grade, of Standard 憑規格﹛等級或標准買賣

Fair Average Quality (F.A.Q.) ﹛良好平均品質﹛(國際上買賣農副產品時常用此標准)

quality to be considered as being about equal to the sample 品質与樣品大致相同

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