﹛﹛Can you give us an additional 200 cases?能再增加200箱嗎?


We place an order for additional 4,000 shirts.我們多訂了4000件襯衣﹛

This year we can buy an extra 700 blue jeans.今年我們可以多訂700件牛仔褲﹛

Let's talk about the problem of quantity.我們談談數量的問題吧﹛

You'll issue a certificate of quantity and weight.你們必須出具數量和重量証明書﹛

The package number and quantity are identical with each other.包裝號与商品數量相吻合﹛

Quantity matters as much as quality of price, doesn't it?數量和价格﹛質量一樣重要,是嗎?

They always buy in large quantities.他們總是大量購買﹛

Useful quantities have changed hands.較大的數量已經轉手﹛

Quantities of Black Tea have been exported.已經有大批紅茶出口﹛

This is the maximum quantity we can supply at present.這是目前我們所能提供的最大數量

This is the minimum quantity we require.這是我們所需要的最小數量﹛

A small order this year is also welcome.小批訂貨今年也受歡迎﹛

They are not interested in small quantities.他們對小數量不感興趣﹛

We believe we shall be able to better satisfy our customers quantitatively.


The quantity you ordered is considerable.你們訂的數量還可以﹛

We can supply any reasonable quantity of this merchandise.對此商品,我們能提供任何适當的數量﹛

I must advise the farm of the quantity of the wheat as per the contract.


If the quantity of the goods does not conform to that stipulated in the contract, the importer will refuse to accept the goods.


Is there any quantity limitation for the import of cotton cloth from China?


You remarked yesterday you would sell on shipped quality, quantity, and weight.


For such a big sum, we should attach importance to it.數目如此之大,我們將予以重視﹛

For such a big sum, we shouldn't be frightened by this trouble.這么大款項,我們不能怕麻煩﹛

For such a big quantity, you should give us a discount.這么大的訂單,貴公司可否給我們折扣?

The quantity of rice imported this year is approximately the same as that last year.


We're prepared to purchase a shipment quantity of this material.


If you can't arrange for the entire quantity, please offer us at least half.


You sent us only a quarter of our requirements.


There are 100 tons of wheat on board the ship.船上裝有100吨小麥﹛

How many pieces all together?共有多少件?

500 pieces in total.總共有500件﹛

We made a total of 100,000 jackets.我們一共訂了10万件上衣﹛

We can only supply you with 20,000 yards of pure silk.我們只能供應兩万碼的真絲綢﹛

We want a minimum of 1,000 dozen of men's shirts and minimum of 5,000 dozen of embroidered shirts.


We'll try our best to satisfy you with the additional 10,000 tons of coal as you asked.


We'll increase the quantity of medicines by 300 boxes.我們將增加300盒藥品﹛

The maximum quantity of cotton jerseys this year is about DM25,000.


5,000 square metres of wool carpet is bigger than any order we've ever placed.


As the package of sample is overweight, airmailing would be too expensive.


We sell our goods on shipping weight and not on landed weight.


But what in case there is short weight or disqualification?


They inspected the rice for any possible shortage.他們檢查了這批大米看其是否短重﹛

We're surprised to know that the weight is so short.對短重的數量我們感到惊奇﹛

A shortage of 50M/Ts is a big loss for us.50公吨的短重對我們是個不小的損失﹛

As for the shortage, I suggest your making up the quantity in your future shipment.


Have you seen the shortage claim from our company?您看過我公司的短重索賠報告了嗎?

There is an overplus of 100 lbs.重量超出了100磅﹛

There is an overage in weight of 25 kilos.重量多了25公斤﹛

Quantity 數量

quantification 定量

quantitative 數量的,定量的

matter 重要,要緊(主要用于疑問句﹛否定句和條件句中)

to be identical with, to conform to 与﹛相符,与﹛相吻合

weight 重量

actual weight 實際重量

short weight 短重

a short weight of 5 kilos 短重50公斤

gross weight 毛重

net weight 淨重

"Gross for Net" 以毛作淨

tare 皮重

actual tare 實際皮重

average tare 平均皮重

customary tare 習慣皮重

computed tare 約定皮重

conditioned weight 公量

About Circa, Approximate ﹛約﹛量

theoretical weight 理論重量

More or less clause 溢短裝條款

Additional Words and Phrases

quantity delivered 供給量;交付數量

quantity shipped 裝船數量

quantity buying 大量購買;定額購買

quantity production 大批生產;批量生產

quantity of shipment 貨運量;發運量

quantum contract 數量合同

quantity of sale 銷售量

quantity of order 訂單數量

quantity of output 出產量,輸出量;供給量

quantitative value 數值

quantitative data 數据

quantitative analysis 數量分析

quantitative economics 數量經濟

quantitative trade quota 貿易配額

quantity standards 數量標准

in total 總共

pure silk 真絲綢

printed silk 印花綢

The U.S. System 美制

The Metric System 公制

metric ton 公吨

The British System 英制

International System of Units (SI) 國際單位制(國際制)

short ton 短吨

long ton 長吨

kilogram 公斤

pound 磅

ounce 盎司

piece 件

pair 對,雙

set 套

dozen 打

gross 羅

ream 令

length 長度

meter 米,公尺

foot 英尺

yard 碼

area 面積

square meter 面積

square meter 平方米

square foot 平方英尺

volume 体積

cubic meter 立方米

capacity 容積

litre 升

gallon 加侖

bushel 蒲式耳

to attach importance to sth.對﹛引起重視

trouble 麻煩

in large quantities 大量

to change hands 轉手

discount 折扣

quantities of sth. 大批﹛

huge quantity 或enormous quantity 巨大的數量

maximum quantity 最大數量

minimum quantity 最小數量

small quantity 小量

entire quantity 整個數量

total quantity 總量

further quantity 更多的數量

sufficient quantity 足夠的數量

liberal quantity 充足的數量

shipment quantity 夠裝運的數量

equal quantity 等量

reasonable quantity 相當的數量

corresponding quantity 相應的數量

large quantity 大數量

considerable quantity 大數量(可觀的數量)

substantial quantity 大數量

useful quantity 較大數量

average quantity 平均數量

moderate quantity 中等數量

additional quantity 追加數量

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