﹛﹛Business is closed at this price.交易就按此价敲定﹛


Your price is on the high side.你方价格偏高﹛

Price has advanced.价格已上漲﹛

The goods are priced too high.貨物定价太高﹛

Your price is rather stiff.你方价格相當高﹛

Price is leveling off.价格趨平﹛

Your price is prohibitive.你方价格高得令人望而卻步﹛

The Japanese yen is strengthening.日圓堅挺﹛

The U.S. Dollar is weakening.美圓疲軟﹛

Your price is $500/mt, twice of the other countries.你們每公吨500美圓的价格是其他國家的兩倍﹛

Is it possible for you to raise (lift) the price by 5%?你們能否把价格提高5%?

Price is hovering between $5 and $8.价格徘徊于5至8美圓之間﹛

We regret we have to maintain our original price. 很遺憾我們不得不保持原价﹛

Price is easy.价格疲軟﹛

Price is easy off.价格趨于疲軟﹛

Price has declined.价格已跌落﹛

Price has dipped (sagged).价格已下降﹛

It simply can't stand such a big cut.再也經不住大幅度削价了﹛

Price has tobogganed.价格突然下降﹛

Price has plummeted.价格暴跌﹛

Price has downslided.价格劇降﹛

This new product is moderately priced.新產品的定价适度﹛

Articles of everyday use are economically priced.日用品价格低廉﹛

Everyone knows, the price of crude oil has greatly decreased.人人皆知,目前原油价格大幅度下跌﹛

We've already cut the price very fine.我們已將价格減至最低限度了﹛

Your price inacceptable (unacceptable).你方价格可以(不可以)接受﹛

Your price is feasible (infeasible).你方价格是可行(不可行)的﹛

Your price is workable.你們出价可行﹛

Your price is realistic (unrealistic).你方价格合乎實際(不現實)﹛

Your price is reasonable (unreasonable).你方价格合理(不合理)﹛

Your price is practicable (impracticable).你方价格是行得通的(行不通)﹛

Your price is attractive (not attractive).你方价格有吸引力(無吸引力)﹛

Your price is inducing (not inducing).你方价格有吸引力(無吸引力)﹛

Your price is convincing (not convincing).你方价格有吸引力(無吸引力)﹛

Your price is competitive (not competitive).你方价格有競爭力(無競爭力)﹛

The goods are (not) competitively priced.此貨的定价有(無)競爭力﹛

Price is turning high(low).价格上漲(下跌)﹛

Price is high(low).价格高(低)﹛

Price is rising (falling).价格上升(下降)﹛

Price is up (down).价格上漲(下跌)﹛

Price is looking up.价格看漲﹛

Price has skyrocketed.价格猛漲,

Price has shot up.价格飛漲﹛

Price has risen perpendicularly.价格直線上升﹛

Price has risen in a spiral.价格螺旋上升﹛

Price has hiked.价格急劇抬高﹛

Your price is much higher than the price from U.K. France and Germany.


Since the prices of the raw materials have been raised, I'm afraid that we have to adjust the prices of our products accordingly.


The French price of stainless steel plates are about $1200 per mt, while the German price is still lower.


We're ready to reduce the price by 5%.我們准備減价百分之五﹛

To have this business concluded, you need to lower your price at least by 3%.


Business is possible if you can lower the price to HK$2150.你方若能減价到2150港幣,可能成交﹛

The utmost (best) we can do is to reduce the price by 2%.我們最多能減价百分之二﹛

We cannot take anything off the price.我們不能再減价了﹛

We've already cut down our prices to cost level.我們已經將价格降到成本費的水平了﹛

There is no room for any reduction in price.价格毫無再減的余地了﹛

Our rock-bottom price is $500/mt, and cannot be further lowered.


DM210 is equivalent to 400 RMB.210德國馬克折合人民幣400元﹛

Don't you wish to employ RMB of ours? US Dollars might be adopted.


Are you afraid of losing money due to exchange rate fluctuations?您是不是怕由于匯率浮動而吃虧?

I can give you a definite answer on the price terms.我可以就价格條件答复你方﹛

You wish to have a discussion of the price terms of washers.您是想談談洗衣机的价格條件吧﹛

Yes, all of the price terms are acceptable.是的,哪种价格條件都可以接受的﹛

C.I.F. is the price term normally adopted by you, right?C.I.F.是你們經常采用的价格條件,是嗎?

Sometimes F.O.B. and C&F are also employed.我們有時也用离岸价或成本加運費价﹛

You said yesterday that the price was $60/mt, C.I.F. Brussels.

您昨天說价格定為每公吨60英鎊C.I.F. 布魯塞爾﹛

In case F.O.B. is used, risks and charges are to be passed over to the buyers once the cargo is put on board the ship.


Your price is quoted C&F Xingang at DM200 per washer, right?


Price 价格,定价,開价

priced 已標价的,有定价的

pricing 定价,標价

priced catalogue 定价目錄

price of commodities 物价

pricing cost 定价成本

price card 价格目錄

pricing method 定价方法

price list 定价政策,价格目錄,价格單

pricing policy 定价政策

price format 价格目錄,价格表

price tag 价格標簽,標价條

price current (p.c.) 市价表

ceiling price 最高价,頂价

maximum price 最高价

minimum price 最低价

average price 平均价格

base price 底价

rockbottom price 最低价

bedrock price 最低价

hover 徘徊于﹛,盤旋于

original price 原价

moderately 适當地,合适地;适度

economically 經濟地,便宜地

stainless steel 不鏽鋼

utmost 极限,竭盡所能

cost level 成本費用的水平

rock-bottom 最低的

Hongkong Dollar (HK$) 港元

Singapore Dollar (S$) 新加坡元

Pound Sterling (Stg.) 英鎊

United States Dollar (US$) 美圓

Canadian Dollar (Can. $) 加拿大元

Deutsche Mark (DM) 德國馬克

Australian Dollar (A$) 澳大利亞元

Japanese Yen (¥) 日圓

Austrian Schilling (Sch.) 奧地利先令

French Franc (F.F) 法國法郎

Italian Lira (Lire) 意大利里拉

Danish Krone (E.Kr.)丹麥克郎

Florin (Guilder) H.Fl. (D.Fi.). 荷蘭盾

Norwegian Krone (N.Kr.) 挪威克郎

Swedish Krone (S.Kr.) 瑞典克郎

Belgian Franc (BF) 比利時法郎

Swiss Franc (S.Fr. Or S.F.) 瑞典法郎

to be equivalent to 相當于

to employ 用﹛計价,采用﹛

exchange rate 匯率

price terms 价格條款

F.O.B. Free On Board ﹛船上交貨价﹛或稱﹛离岸价格﹛

C.I.F. Cost, Insurance and Freight ﹛成本加保險費﹛運費﹛或﹛到岸价格﹛

C&F Cost and Freight ﹛成本加運費﹛或﹛离岸加運費﹛价格

F.O.B. Liner Terms F.O.B. 班輪條件

F.O.B. Stowed 船上交貨并理艙

F.O.B. Trimmed 船上交貨并平艙

F.O.B. Under Tackle F.O.B.吊鉤下交貨

C.I.F. Liner terms C.I.F.班輪條件

C.I.F. Ex Ship's Hold C.I.F.艙底交貨

F.O.B. plane 飛机离岸价(用于緊急情況)

acceptable 可以接受的,可以使用的

to pass over 轉給,轉嫁

to adopt, to employ, to use (某种价格術語)采用某种价格

FOR-Free on Rail 火車交貨价

FOT-Free on Truck 汽車交貨价

FAS-Free Alongside Ship 船邊交貨价

Ex Factory 工厂交貨价

Ex Plantation 農場交貨价

Ex Warehouse 倉庫交貨价

Ex Ship 目的港船上交貨价

Ex Dock Duty Paid 目的港碼頭完稅交貨价

Ex Dock Duty Unpaid 目的港碼頭未完稅交貨价

Additional Words and Phrases

buying price 買价

selling price 賣价

new price 新价

old price 舊价

present price 現价

original price 原价

current price 時价,現价

prevailing price 現价

ruling price 目前的价格

going price 現价

opening price 開价,開盤价

closing price 收盤价

exceptional price 特价

special price 特价

nominal price 有行無市的价格

moderate price 公平价格

wholesale price 批發价

retail price 零售价

market price 市价

net price 淨价

cost price 成本价

gross price 毛价

price effect 价格效應

price contract 价格合約

price calculation 价格計算

price limit 价格限制

price control 价格控制

price theory 价格理論

price regulation 价格調整

price structure 价格构成

price support 价格支持

bargain 討价還价

extra price 附加价

price ratio 比价

price per unit 單价

price index或price indices 物价指數

price of factory 厂价

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